Jenelle Reynolds



Taking Your Tech Troubles Away

So, you've opened your studio/clinic/coaching business with dreams of sharing your area of genius with the world and doing what you love all day. Yay! Life is great!

But then you realised the inevitable, the internet and techie stuff had to get involved. 

You need a website, email marketing systems, custom email address and….. argghhhh!

Technology is NOT your area of genius.  Or maybe you just struggle to find the time to learn and implement it.

All this digital marketing can be confusing and overwhelming, but you know this is what your business needs to step up to the next level.

Relax! It doesn’t have to be an uphill or expensive battle.

I take the headache out of getting your business set up online and integrated with the systems you already use or new ones that will help streamline your business and make life easier for both you and your clients. 


Hey, I'm Jenelle

I'm your down to earth, jargon-free tech girl who loves to design fresh and modern websites that look great.  I want to help you share you zone of genius with the world without the hassle of expensive, confusing technology.

Your website should be your business bestie, an investment that brings in business, increases your visibility and gives your business an edge.

They should NOT be stressful, overwhelming and left stagnant for fear of the cost to make changes or the effort required to learn how to do it yourself, because you’ve better things to do than trawling YouTube for the answers.

Let's work together to show the personality of your business, capture the attention of your ideal client and deliver a website you can be proud and that more-or-less takes care of itself!

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It's my mission to...

help you grow your health and wellness business online with a gorgeous, functional website that is both affordable and simple to manage so can focus your energy on doing what you do best.



A few random bits about me...

I am a mum of three little boys so I am outnumbered 4:1 by males in my house.  This has caused me to get super excited to work on any project that involves prettiness or a feminine touch (basically anything other than dirt and fishing).

I love technology and thrive on solving people’s tech problems.  I feel compelled to solve issues and what I don’t know I will research like crazy til I do!

I love yoga, essential oils and all things “woo woo” - think manifesting, the power of the mind and meditation.

I am passionate about helping local health and wellness businesses to build their online presence and to build my dream business in the process.

I hold a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) (I was the ONLY girl in my degree, I seem to always be hanging out with the boys!?)  and a post-grad in Accounting which gives me a unique skill set to be able to not only deliver you a great website but one with your bottom line in mind.